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Eat seasonable. Eat locally and sustainably. Shop at the market. Plant a garden. Conserve and recycle. Cook simply, engaging all your senses. Set the table with care and respect. Eat together. Food is precious. Made with love.

We believe you can taste quality.
Not only that, we think you’re better nourished by locally sourced, lovingly prepared dishes which honour and celebrate the current season. 

Our philosophy is pretty simple: we only use the finest quality produce and create food that’s bursting with flavour, vitality and goodness.

In terms of sourcing, the closer the better. We carefully curate our evolving menus to reflect the changing seasons, cherry-picking the finest organic, pesticide-free ingredients from local markets and farmers – or by growing it in own garden. Over the past decade, we’ve built strong relationships with responsible, ethical producers here in Ibiza and on the mainland as well.

It’s important to us to fully inhabit the Giri values, which in the case of gastronomy is not only celebrating fabulous food, but taking a holistic approach to the entire process.

Being in tune with nature comes naturally in Ibiza; it’s our hallmark.