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Fresh air, sweet fragrances and vivid colours ~ our garden is the soul of our restaurant and one of The Giri Café’s greatest treasures.

And given Ibiza’s enviable year-round sunshine, we’re blessed to welcome you to dine alfresco in our little corner of paradise most months of the year.

Over hundred different types of plants grace the outdoor space including leafy vegetables, berries, herbs and flowers which appear on our menu daily – but far from being just a place to restock our ingredients, it’s the inspiration for dishes to come and as such, is a vibrant work in progress.

Luxurious outdoor hosting is something of a Giri specialty too, with tables tucked away in cosy, sunlit corners and chaise lounges for luxuriating in the shade if you’ve had your fill of the sun. We think being closer to nature while enjoying her bounty only enhances your experience.